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Issue 55, April 2001

Socialismo Revolucionario

SOCIALISMO REVOLUCIONARIO (SR - the Brazilian section of CIO/CWI) is a Marxist tendency in the PT. We not only took part in the elections, defending a combative left line for the PT, but also organised struggles. In São Paulo, we helped elect a PT left council member, Beto, a teacher union activist from the east zone of São Paulo who was elected with almost 25,000 votes. We will fight for his mandate to be an organiser of worker and youth struggles and strengthening the PT left.

While the PT leaders granted Cardoso a truce during the elections, SR militants organised the Movement of the Excluded from Education (MSE - Movimento do Sem Educacao). MSE held an anti-Cardoso protest rally where the president went to cast his vote, receiving live TV and radio coverage. In Embú we campaigned for the new PT mayor, Geraldo Cruz, and we will be frontline fighters for measures such as free transport for students and the unemployed, even if the PT mayor wavers.

In the town of Cotia, SR militant, Heitor, stood for the council, attracting an important section of young people to our socialist positions. This will strengthen our fight against the bourgeoisie in the city and our clash against the PT leaders who have been adopting pro-bourgeois positions. SR can strengthen the Marxist left in the course of the struggles that will take place.

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